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Stereofunk – Radio Robotic

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Artist: Stereofunk
Release Title: Radio Robotic
Genre: House: Electro House
Release Date: April 30, 2012
UPC: 654367593295

1. Senseless
2. Night & day (Featuring Maral Salmassi)
3. Brasina
4. In Me
5. Livin My Life (Featuring Razor Cain)
6. Get Off (Featuring D’ Secret SVC)
7. Disco to Disco
8. El Patron
9. Shooting Star
10. So Many Times (Featuring Miu)
11. Sleepless

Stereofunk, The guy from Dresden, is back with his second attack. Following his stunning debut album ‘Fools Planet’, and releases on Moonbootique, Freakz Me Out and his own imprint Klang Gymnastik, it’s time for ‘Radio Robotic’, on New York City’s Coco Machete Records. ‘Radio Robotic’, features a colorful cast of guest features from Television Records’ Maral Salmassi, Coco Machete’s D’ Secret SVC & Razor Cain as well as Stereofunk’s own discovery Miu. Combine that with Stereofunk’s reverence for 80s disco, original electro, retro lounge and club rockin’ house music this new album takes you on a shimmering tour of synthetic nightlife through the ages. The first three tracks, ‘Senseless’, ‘Night & Day’ and ‘Brasina’ get the part started anchored by Maral’s infectious hook of ‘All I Want is You, All Night & Day’. Things get a touch more jazzy and downtempo on ‘In Me’ but it’s only a warm up for the electro hip hop grooves of ‘Livin’ My Life’ and ‘Get Off’ featuring two of Coco Machete’s premier rappers Razor Cain & D’ Secret SVC. ‘Disco to Disco’, ‘El Patron’ and ‘Shooting Star’ are for the late night club heads with ‘El Patron’ being the peak hour hands-in-the-air floor filler. The afterparty starts with ‘So Many Times’, a vocal slice of deep electro for dancing with your eyes closed. Closer ‘Sleepless in Rome’ evokes the feeling of laying awake in your hotel room, half dreaming, neon lights dimming and the sun beginning to rise.

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Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf – Nuclear War Disaster EP – Out Now

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf - Nuclear War Disaster EP

Fukkk Offf’s Bastian Heerhorst and Dirty Disco Youth’s Phil Speiser team up to drop a bomb on Coco Machete Records and the world at large. With two equally devastating tracks the ‘Nuclear War Disaster’ EP delivers on its promise of total devastation. Both tracks attack, drive, squelch and pound in ways only these two artists can only to be released by an overture worthy enough to ride with the Valkyries. I think it’s time to head to the shelter!

Available at Beatport

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Sterofunk – El Patron

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

CCM075 - Stereofunk - El Patron

Artist: Stereofunk
Release Title: El Patron
Genre: House: Electro House
Release Date: March 20, 2012
UPC: 654367593288

1. El Patron (Original Mix)
2. El Patron (Instrumental)

Stereofunk, The guy from Dresden, is back with a new single on Coco Machete Records called ‘El Patron’. This is the second single from his upcoming full length album ‘Radio Robotic’ due out next month. ‘El Patron’, following last summer’s smash ‘Get Off’ featuring D’ Secret SVC, is all hands-in-the-air, revved up dance floor sensuality for the electro disco generation. Between the funk bass line, rising pianos, italo synths and imperative vocals, ‘El Patron’ just won’t let up until you’re hooked. ‘El Patron’ is the boss. But that’s it for now folks, we hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek, stay tuned next month for more ‘Radio Robotic.

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