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Out Now – Polymorphic "Apocalypse"

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

CCM055 - Polymorphic – "Apocalypse"

Hot off the release of ‘Rock To Play’ on Proxy’s Mako Records, Polymorphic and his gang of Moscow’s heaviest electro hoodlums have made their way back to New York City’s and Coco Machete Records. The title says it all as ‘Apocalypse’ signals the end as it grinds things right to the edge. Starting off with a deceptive, almost disco drum beat, the main track builds and builds with the sounds devilish choirs and demonic synths. Marseille kicks it’s straight into jack mode with an old school Chicago styled track that could have been lifted from the original Dance Mania playbook. Last up is Noise Invaders, also from Moscow and relatively new, coming fresh off their electro-funk rework of Chromeo’s ‘Don’t Turn The Lights On’…’If there is no God, everything is permitted.’ – Fyodor Dostoevsky.

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