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Spencer Product – Marcel Duchamp

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

BG013 - Spencer Product - Marcel Duchamp

Artist: Spencer Product
Release Title: Marcel Duchamp
Genre: House: Indie Dance
Release Date: October 9, 2012
UPC: 654367593325

1. Marcel Duchamp (Sidechains Vs Buffetlibre Remix)
2. Marcel Duchamp (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)
3. Marcel Duchamp (Original Mix)

Spencer Product brings the Dada heat with his new single and homage to the master of nonsense himself, Marcel Duchamp. Dada, like much truly modern music, rejected reason and logic in favor of irrationality and intuition. Also, much like the world of Spencer Product, the Dadaist movement was inclusive of everything from visual arts, poetry, manifestos and theories, theater and design, all with a deft touch of the abstract. Pre-Post-Modernism if you will. Spencer. having spent this past summer in Barcelona dug up an amazing remix from Spain’s modern masters Sidechains Vs Buffetlibre as well as a headier mix from Virgin Magnetic Material. The original is here too, and as the song says just ‘Take it apart, dub it art, so nonchalant, Marcel Duchamp.’

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