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Spencer Product – Marcel Duchamp – Out Now

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

BG013 - Spencer Product - Marcel Duchamp

Spencer Product brings the Dada heat with his new single and homage to the master of nonsense himself, Marcel Duchamp. Dada, like much truly modern music, rejected reason and logic in favor of irrationality and intuition. Also, much like the world of Spencer Product, the Dadaist movement was inclusive of everything from visual arts, poetry, manifestos and theories, theater and design, all with a deft touch of the abstract. Pre-Post-Modernism if you will. Spencer. having spent this past summer in Barcelona dug up an amazing remix from Spain’s modern masters Sidechains Vs Buffetlibre as well as a headier mix from Virgin Magnetic Material. The original is here too, and as the song says just ‘Take it apart, dub it art, so nonchalant, Marcel Duchamp.’

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This Is Coco Machete No 2 – Out Now

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

This Is Coco Machete No 2

We’re back with another round; ‘This is Coco Machete No.2’, featuring recent Coco Machete smashes and exclusive tracks from hot new artists you have to hear. Debra Dolce & Noize Invaders, Ostblockschlampen, Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf keep pounding with their bombastic style and fashion. Then six exclusive tracks featuring the Chicago influenced sound of Teenage Mutants, the ruffneck attack of All Guns Blazing, deep-deep elctro from Don Serata, Nadisko’s dept-charge ‘Abyss’, the space disco of ‘Starlab’ from Fair Play Knight and so Da-Da dance grooves from Spencer Product on Marcel Duchamp. An eclectic mix that can only come from one source, of course, This is Coco Machete…No.2

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This Is Coco Machete No 1 – Out Now

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

CCM070 - This Is Coco Machete No 1

After nine years, and over 100 releases, New York City’s Coco Machete Records delivers its first eponymous collection with ‘This Is Coco Machete – No. 1’. Far from being a retrospective, ‘This Is Coco Machete’ places you smack in the middle of the label’s most recent, current and not yet released club bangers. The mix of eclectic vocals and sonic inspirations could have only originated in the streets of New York City though many of the featured artists and remixers hail from every corner of the globe; Fukkk Offf & Jence of Digitalism, Hamburg Germany; Oliver Twizt, The Netherlands; Zodiac Cartel & Disco of Doom, UK; Polymorphic & Noise Invaders, Moscow; Mikix the Cat, Paris; NROTB & Hatchmatik, Montreal and of course Spencer Product, Entyce & Debra Dolce from NYC. This is simply for people who want to SHAKE IT ALL NIGHT LONG; This IS bringing down the walls of YOUR musical ghetto; This is THAT BUG OUT SOUND, ready for the dance; This is the sound of New York City, THIS IS COCO MACHETE!

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Spencer Product – Nightology Release Party

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Nightology Release Party

Join us This Saturday, March 26 for the release of Spencer Product’s “Nightology”. Spencer Product and Joseph Quartana will be holding it down on the decks at Don Hills, 511 Greenwich Street.

Spencer Product – Nightology Video

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Spencer Product – Nightology from Coco Machete Records on Vimeo.

Nightology Poster

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Spencer Product – Nightology – Out Now

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

CCM061 - Spencer Product - Nightology

Spencer Product is back and this time he’s teaching a lesson in ‘Nightology’. Picking up where he left off with ‘We Bite’ we find Spencer ‘lost in the streets, out at night, all dressed up…like a cabaret’. The original mixes old school bleep heavy techno, NYC fierce diva and distorted rock drum fills to maximum effect for any underground club worth its salt. Fear of Tigers, straight off remixes of Visage’s ‘Fade to Grey’ and Does it Offend You Yeah’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’, turns ‘Nightology’ into a massive building anthem for the chemical, the natural, the empty and those addicted to ‘Nightology’. Next on the floor is Kitsune artist JBAG who re-shuffles the original and adds rave-style breaks for the flip. Death to Throne & POSR give you a straight ahead club push ‘like a fire in hell’. ‘We don’t take no shit!!!’

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Out Now – Spencer Product – Product No.2

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

BGCD004- Spencer Product "Product No. 2"

Here we are with Spencer’s second dj compilation encapsulating that which has brought Spencer’s dj sets so much attention. From touring throughout Europe, playing clubs to fashion shows & parties. There is a wide spectrum of artists featured in the mix. From NYC, the Phenomenal Handclap Band, The Vanish, French Horn Rebellion, French artists like Dat Politics, Flairs & Housse De Racket, UK’s We Have Band, and Sweden’s Le Sport & Sound Of Arrows as well as some originals by Product himself. Together they create a highly diversified mix encapsulating a sound that is  innovative for a new decade.

Check it on Beatport HERE

Coming Soon…Product No. 2

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

BGCD004- Spencer Product "Product No. 2"

Coming soon, the compilation from Spencer Product featuring tracks from the Phenomenal Handclap Band, French Horn Rebellion & More…keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Spencer Product – We Bite!

Monday, April 20th, 2009

CCM042 - Spencer Product "We Bite!"
Spencer Product is back after his debut mix CD ‘Product’. This time he delivers a party anthem ‘We Bite’ with razor sharp remixes from London’s Tronik Youth and NYC darlings Designer Drugs. ‘We Bite’, named after one of Spencer’s classic lower east side sleezefests is an ode to honest to goodness late night debauchery. It’s all about downtown basements, PBR, dirty sex, cocaine and vomit…what more do you need. Spencer’s original is an overdriven distorted electro rock affair while Designer Drugs clean it up a bit for the late night electro beatdowns. Tronik Youth keep things very 80’s new wave disco with heavy reverbs on the drums, cheap synths and vocoders all the way…If you can’t get a trip in to New York this year just close your eyes and this record will take you there. Out Now On

Vinyl & Wide Digital Releases Soon

NYC – Paris – Mexico City

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Fukkk Offf at the Ruff Club
With the release of “…Product”, and rise of Fukkk Offf, Coco Machete takes the sound worldwide with events in NYC on Friday Sept 5, Paris Friday September 26 @ La Loco and the following Saturday October 4 @ Pasaguero in Mexico City. The week following be on the lookout as well as Fukkk Offf will be roaming the streets and infecting the late night dancehalls of NYC with his infectious sound.


Monday, June 23rd, 2008

CCMCD002 - Spencer Product "...Product"
Here at Coco Machete HQ we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of “…Product”, a mixed compilation from New York City’s nightlife impresario Spencer Product. Due out in the US on Sept 9th and in Europe a few weeks later the compilation features original tracks and remixes from the likes of Cut Copy, Boys Noize, Free Blood, Headman, The Death Set, Dan Deacon & More. Until then you’ll just have to catch Spencer at The Ruff Club, friday nights at the Annex on the Lower East Side.