Out Now – Fukkk Offf – Worldwide EP

October 12th, 2010

CCM056 - Fukkk Offf - Worldwide EP

After a long wait we are finally back with a new EP from Fukkk Offf, and it’s well worth the wait. With four smokin’ new tracks this is bound to be the freshest soundtrack to Hamburg’s red light district the Reeperbahn. Things kick off with ‘BumBumBum’, a classic Fukkk Offf stormer, with a new twist of samba-esque percussion driving the electro sounds home. ‘BumBumBum’ has been a live set staple for some time now making the crowds at every Fukkk Offf show worldwide go wild. Brain Rock takes things to the street with old school hip hop samples and funky drum breaks over driving italo-acid basslines. ‘Brain Rock’ will, without a doubt, get any party, from Harlem to Hamburg and beyond, jumped up in to high gear. ‘Hey!’ keeps things simple and straight forward for just that moment when you need a banger to keep the energy up and driving. And lastly, ‘Worldwide’. Fukkk Offf again teamed up with Hazel for a full on Hip-Hop electro workout. Be on the lookout for a full remix package of ‘Worldwide’ in early 2011.

Available at Beatport | iTunes | JunoDownload

Goodies – Sountrackin' the Desigual Undie Party

September 16th, 2010

Desigual, the fun-loving Spanish apparel brand that’s rapidly expanding in the U.S., announced today an in-store promotion for the bold: Undie Party! The first 100 people who arrive at Desigual’s two New York City stores wearing just their underwear, will walk out in a free Desigual outfit. Sounds fun !!!

Check the video above for all the details, plus they’ve used ‘Goodies’ from our own Debra Dolce as the soundtrack…Sweet!

Out Now – Polymorphic "Apocalypse"

September 14th, 2010

CCM055 - Polymorphic – "Apocalypse"

Hot off the release of ‘Rock To Play’ on Proxy’s Mako Records, Polymorphic and his gang of Moscow’s heaviest electro hoodlums have made their way back to New York City’s and Coco Machete Records. The title says it all as ‘Apocalypse’ signals the end as it grinds things right to the edge. Starting off with a deceptive, almost disco drum beat, the main track builds and builds with the sounds devilish choirs and demonic synths. Marseille kicks it’s straight into jack mode with an old school Chicago styled track that could have been lifted from the original Dance Mania playbook. Last up is Noise Invaders, also from Moscow and relatively new, coming fresh off their electro-funk rework of Chromeo’s ‘Don’t Turn The Lights On’…’If there is no God, everything is permitted.’ – Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Available at Beatport | JunoDownload | iTunes

Fukkk Offf Goes Worldwide on October 12

September 14th, 2010

CCM056 - Fukkk Offf - Worldwide EP

We finally have the new EP from Fukkk Offf in our hands and it will be out next month on October 12. It’s been a long wait but definitely worth it so we’re bringing you a preview here of the full EP so you can soak it up in it’s entirety. ENJOY !!!

Coming Soon – New EP From Polymorphic

August 30th, 2010

CCM055 - Polymorphic – "Apocalypse"

We’ve just signed a new EP from Moscow’s Polymorphic which will be coming out on September. Check out a quick preview of the original mix here. More mixes from Marseille & Noise Invaders will be soon to follow. This is some heavy and dark sh**!!!

‘If there is no God, everything is permitted.’ – Dostoevsky

Frederik Olufsen – Rocks EP – In Stores Now

August 19th, 2010

CCM054 - Frederik Olufsen "Rocks EP"

There’s just no way to describe the sounds that come out of Copenhagen’s hottest young producer. Straight out of the Danish uptown underground we dare to bring you Frederik Olufsen and his premier EP for Coco Machete called ‘Rocks’. This is pure bangin’ electro but with touches of minimal, techno, deep house, dubstep and more. The whole release coheres around deep dark & distorted voices reminiscent of Lil’ Louis’ ‘Blackout’ telling the story of Mr. Olufsen’s rise from the Copenhagen underground. This past spring Fredirik’s remix for TAI was the surprise breakout mix so we decided to give him room to stretch out a bit…he gave us ‘Rocks’.

Available Now at Beatport | JunoDownload | iTunes

Love My Shake – Cancel Fashion Collective

August 5th, 2010

The Cancel Fashion Collective recently used ‘Love My Shake’ from Fukkk Offf for a new promo video they’ve done and, surprise surprise, it turned out to be quite stylish. Enjoy it…

Cancel fashion collective from the Kinetic on Vimeo.

Frederik Olufsen – Rocks EP – Preview

August 1st, 2010

CCM054 - Frederik Olufsen "Rocks EP"

Mr Magnetik – Animatronik In Stores Now

July 8th, 2010

CCM053 - Mr Magnetik "Animatronik"

Following on the heels of his recent ‘Ouch!’ and ‘You’ve Been Magnetized’ EPs on Lektroluv, Belgium’s Mr. Magnetik has taken the leap across the Atlantik to deliver a new stormer to us here at Coco Machete HQ. The Animatronik EP comes with three grinding synth driven tracks for anytime of the night or into the morning. First up is the EPs namesake with a builder primed to jump start any party into gear. ‘Born To Rave’, with it’s jumpy rhythms and snare rolls will keep you marching into the wee hours just in time to drop ‘My Friend’ on the crowd to jolt the whole scene back to earth it’s blistering meltdown and builds. Hypnotik, Electrik, Magnetik!

Available at Beatport | JunoDownload | iTunes | Amazon

Mr. Magnetik – Animatronik – Coming July 6

June 27th, 2010

Animatronik – Mr. Magnetik from BUGS on Vimeo.

Night Of The Living Blog

June 17th, 2010

BGCD005 - Night Of The Living Blog

The new compilation from Buzzard Gulch, Night Of The Living Blog, pits the dead against the living in a struggle for survival. The tracks, nightmarish stormers from up and coming producers, have been hand selected to represent best what’s bubbling just six feet underground. Chaos descends as just outside the fringes of the music industry hordes of relentless, shambling bloggers populate a modern soundscape with a raw music culture reanimated. Google tried to stop them, the ‘Industry’ has tried to stop them, but they keep coming back in a blood thirsty lust for new sounds. THEY WON’T STAY DEAD!

Available at Beatport | iTunes | JunoDownload

Frederik Olufsen – Rocks Mixtape

June 13th, 2010

Frederick Olufsen

Check out the new mixtape from our man Frederik Olufsen. It features all 3 tracks on his upcoming EP for Coco Machete that comes out in August. Free for download as well so you can take it with you.

Markus Lange & Stereofunk – Silk Spectre II

May 19th, 2010

BG006 - Markus Lange & Stereofunk "Silk Spectre II"

Markus Lange after two flashy disco-lectro remixes for Coco Machete proper come with the goods for an original project on Buzzard Gulch. This time out he leaves the disco mix in the able hands of Tag Team Terror while he rips out the rave stabs on the original. Istanbul’s favorites Gooseflesh comes with a steady grinder for those late nights on the Bosporus leaving Max Cherry to do nothin’ else but pop it. Beware the Spectre.  Available at Beatport.

Entyce – In Da Club – Fukkk Offf Mixes

May 2nd, 2010

CCM052 - Entyce "In Da Club - Fukkk Offf Remixes"

Hazel, the feisty female rapper from Fukkk Offf’s more than friends, is back with ‘In Da Club’ under the shimmering guise of Entyce to make your ‘body move to the bass and the beat.’ This time out it’s a straight non stop electro-disco workout courtesy of Coco Machete’s own Fukkk Offf on the remix. Driving directly at summer classic status this release is a nice twist and turn away from the darker sounds of winter. And DJs listen up when she says ‘Call Hazel if you need some help’

Check the preview here…

Out Now – Spencer Product – Product No.2

April 29th, 2010

BGCD004- Spencer Product "Product No. 2"

Here we are with Spencer’s second dj compilation encapsulating that which has brought Spencer’s dj sets so much attention. From touring throughout Europe, playing clubs to fashion shows & parties. There is a wide spectrum of artists featured in the mix. From NYC, the Phenomenal Handclap Band, The Vanish, French Horn Rebellion, French artists like Dat Politics, Flairs & Housse De Racket, UK’s We Have Band, and Sweden’s Le Sport & Sound Of Arrows as well as some originals by Product himself. Together they create a highly diversified mix encapsulating a sound that is  innovative for a new decade.

Check it on Beatport HERE