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Frederic De Carvalho – Radio Freak

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

CCM066 – Frederic De Carvalho – Radio Freak

Artist: Frederic De Carvalho
Release Title: Radio Freak
Genre: House: Electro House, Indie Dance
Release Date: July 2011
UPC: 654367593196

1. Radio Freak
2. Radio Freak (Bert On Beats Remix)

Coco Machete Records welcomes back Absolut Freak artist and label boss Frederic De Cavalho for a jumpin’ summer release with ‘Radio Freak’. Fred last peeked his head out on Coco Machete with his late night bangin’ remix of Fukkk Offf’s ‘Love My Shake’ for ‘Remix Is King’ so it’s about time we got something original from the man. ‘Radio Freak’ picks up where he left off but takes things in a deep electro house direction with hints of a familiar melodic lead that never let’s itself go leaving you wanting more and feeling teased. The flipside is a remix from Man Recording artist Bert on Beats that takes the track and Coco Machete back to it’s tropical foundations. The rhythms jump, lazers fire and sirens blaze…it’s that ‘bug out sound’ ready to make you FREAK!

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D’ Secret SVC – Alley Cat

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

CCM065 - D' Secret SVC - Alley Cat

Artist: D’ Secret SVC
Release Title: Alley Cat
Genre: House: Electro House, Indie Dance
Release Date: June 28th
UPC: 654367593127

1. Lars Moston Remix
2. Lars Moston Dub
3. Modek Remix

D’ Secret Svc is back with ‘Alley Cat’ a new joint from the darkest corners of New York City’s shadiest back streets. This time a female cat has entered the picture, in the form of Duchess Monroe, to counter the bravado that is the D’ Secret SVC dog. The Duchess delivers a vocal performance that could be one half Grace Jones and one half Nicki Minaj with her chants of ‘Suck you like I was a black fuckin’ Alley Cat’ but it’s the back and forth between the two vocalists where it all comes together. Berlin’s Lars Moston & Belgium’s Modek deliver mixes comprised of both Ghetto Thump & Acid Jack respectively. ‘Oh my God, it’s in my yard, don’t let my dog catch your cat’

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Lars Moston & Breakfastklub – Organik

Friday, April 15th, 2011

CCM064 - Lars Moston & Breakfastklub - Organik

Artist: Lars Moston & Breakfastklub
Release Title: Organik
Genre: House: Electro House, Indie Dance
Release Date: May 24th
UPC: 654367593103

1. Original Mix
2. Mikix the Cat Remix
3. Teenage Mutants Remix

Lars Moston & Breakfastklub come out strong with their first release on Coco Machete. There’s three hot mixes to choose from depending on how you like your ‘Organik’ beats cooked. Lars comes at you with the original cut ready to rock the blocks from Harlem to Hamburg with heavy de-tuned 808 toms, clickety clack rim shots, the vocal chant of ‘Bring The Beat Back’ and enough bass to set of car alarms on the next block. Paris’ Mikix The Cat who has been dropping recent releases on Brooklyn’s Trouble & Bass takes things in a dirtier direction with big rave sounds that just might be the car alarms set off by Lars’ original. Finally Hamburg’s Teenage Mutants take things in a bit of an old school Chicago house direction adding swinging hi hats and bongo loops to round it out for the deeper dancefloors. So for a record called Organik this sure sounds like the big bang of a 16-bit drum machine attack from the digital world…Bring the beat back!!! You can shake it to me all night long!

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BGCD006 – Blog 9 From Outer Space

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Blog 9 From Outer Space

Artist: Various
Title: Blog 9 From Outer Space
Cat #: BGCD006
Release Date: 05-31-2011
Format: Digital
UPC: 654367593110

1. Baxen – Freya
2. IllstM – Moctezuma (Dub Mix)
3. KRMPCK – Bass Ink
4. Polymorphic – Apocalypse (Noise Invaders Remix)
5. Francis – Body
6. S-File – Out Of Control
7. Stephen – Woods
8. Debra Dolce – Goodies (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
9. Ninetynine – Chernobyl SS
10. Cesar D’ Constanzzo – Kick Azz
11. Karasho – Switch
12. Frederik Olufsen – Rocks
13. DEAD BATTERY – Unlike Pt. 2
14. Dopefish – Eddie
15. Stay Ali – Increase

Blog 9 From Outer Space, the new compilation from Buzzard Gulch, is filled with ghoulish beats that will paralyze the living and resurrect the dead. It’s unfathomable, 15 tracks of brain melting extraterrestrial sounds from the blogosphere in this, the 5th in the series. Can your heart stand the shocking beat down of these blog robbers from outer space? Be warned, we haven’t seen the last of these weirdies, they will explode here and then they will explode the universe.

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Spencer Product – Nightology – Coming Soon

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

CCM061 - Spencer Product - Nightology

Artist: Spencer Product
Release Title: Nightology
Genre: House: Electro House, Indie Dance
Release Date: March 8, 2011
UPC: 654367593073

1. Nightology (Fear of Tigers Remix)
2. Nightology (Original Mix)
3. Nightology (Death To Throne Remix)
4. Nightology (JBAG Re-Shuffle)
5. Nightology (POSR Remix)

Spencer Product is back and this time he’s teaching a lesson in ‘Nightology’. Picking up where he left off with ‘We Bite’ we find Spencer ‘lost in the streets, out at night, all dressed up…like a cabaret’. The original mixes old school bleep heavy techno, NYC fierce diva and distorted rock drum fills to maximum effect for any underground club worth its salt. Fear of Tigers, straight off remixes of Visage’s ‘Fade to Grey’ and Does it Offend You Yeah’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’, turns ‘Nightology’ into a massive building anthem for the chemical, the natural, the empty and those addicted to ‘Nightology’. Next on the floor is Kitsune artist JBAG who re-shuffles the original and adds rave-style breaks for the flip. Death to Throne & POSR give you a straight ahead club push ‘like a fire in hell’. ‘We don’t take no shit!!!’

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Big Nuts & Big Knives – Coming Soon

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

CCM060 - Big Nuts & Big Knives

Artist: Various Artists
Release Title: Big Nuts & Big Knives
Genre: House: Electro House
Release Date: February 22, 2011
UPC: 654367593066

1. Cowboy Johnny Christ – Let’s Do It Again (Original Mix)
2. Third Stone Sound – Rebel Music (Brennan’s Tart Reproduction)
3. D’Boldiss – Freak Huh (The Glass Dub)
4. KC Flightt – She’s Sexxxy (Original Mix)
5. DJ Don Casino Presents Razor Caine – Livin’ My Life (Club Mix)
6. DJ Don Casino Presents Hazel – Eye Kandy (Hip Hop Mix)
7. Cowboy Johnny Christ – If He’s So Special (So Special Dub)
8. Land Shark – Tie Me Up (Chicken Lips Trax Dub – Shark Edit)
9. Scandal Inc – That’s A Good Look (Original Mix)
10. Little Death – We Are Back (Vox)
11. Dog Tags – On Again (Rocker Edit)
12. El Mar – Suck That (Original Mix)

Coco Machete – Big Nuts & Big Knives. A collection of some of our favorite cuts from Coco Machete Records’ first 5 years, 2002-2007, Remastered. The sound of Coco Machete has always defied typical genre classifications in favor of bring something fresh and unique to the danceloor; There has to be a hook, a hell of a lot of bounce and a heavy dose of the street. The Coco Machete sound has always been influenced by Disco (Let’s Do It Again), Acid House (Rebel Music, Tie Me Up), Hip Hop (Livin’ My Life, Eye Kandy), Electro Funk (That’s A Good Look), and Post-Punk (We Are Back, On Again). As we move into our 10th year as a label we wanted to bring these tracks to light one more time in their remastered form in order to explore the foundations upon which we have built this house. It’s time to ‘Bring Down The Walls’

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