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Fukkk Offf – Skins Trailer

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Check out the trailer below for the UK hit TV show Skins that features the track Blood Fuck from our one and only Fukkk Offf. I guess they couldn’t use the vocals. But it looks like they can show some yond people necking pills before heading to the club. Hmmm. Wonder why they chose this track…Enjoy

Somewhere Around Barstow

Friday, February 19th, 2010

After a quick 2 week tour from Montreal, Edmonton, Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio & McAllen, Fukkk Offf wrapped up his North American tour ‘somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert’. (HST) Here’s a couple pics for you just in time for the release of ‘Remix Is King’ a new album featuring remixes of Fukkk Offf, remixes by Fukkk Offf of others and a new track ‘Utopia’ which you can preview below…it’s a disco monster!

Fukkk Offf workin it out

and were the kids allright, yes indeed, and they were ready!

the crowd is feelin' it

Remix Is King

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

CCM050 - Fukkk Offf "Remix Is King"
Keeping the momentum going after Fukkk Offf’s much lauded debut release ‘Love Me, Hate Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me’, we are pleased to bring you ‘Remix IS King’, a full length overview of the hottest Fukkk Offf remix projects. ‘Remix Is King’ brings you bangin’ Fukkk Offf remixes of other top artists like Zobmie Nation, The Dance Inc., Monosurround, & Midfield General and the hottest remixers like Zodiac Cartel, & Markus Lange putting their stamp across devastating Fukkk Offf Originals. There’s one new Fukkk Offf original as well, Utopia, riding in at the end of the release with a full disco beat down plus unreleased mixes from Gooseflesh, Dirty Disco Youth, La Clope AuBec & Frederic De Carvalho. Not to be missed…REMIX IS KING !!!

Coming out Worldwide in February

Check The Preview below

Congorock Droppin' his New Remix of More Than Friends

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Fukkk Offf – More Than Friends

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

CCM047 - Fukkk Offf "More Than Friends Remixes"
Fukkk Offf is back with a scorching second single from his debut album Love Me, Hate Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. ‘More Than Friends’ has been the dominating track from the album with it’s male/female hip hop duet about a sneaky encounter at the club and has been begging for an equally dominating remix package. Italy’s CongoRock steps up first a club banger that’s as reminiscent of old school Chicago jack tracks as it is telling of the future of dance floor mayhem. Congorock strips out most of the vocal leaving you with a heavy chant, driving rhythms and chaotic melodies. Markus Lange & StereoFunk take things way back to the land of 80’s disco funk. Leaving the vocal intact with a new arrangement the ML & SF mix sits as well alongside Sugar Hill Gang as anything out there today; Timeless. The original is here as well with a new Dub mix from the main star at hand, Fukkk Offf.

Fukkk Offf – Remix Competition On Fairtilizer

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Fukkk Offf Live In Graz

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

As we’re getting ready for the Fukkk Offf Album to drop June 9 we thought we’d bring you a treat of a live set in Graz…enjoy

The single ‘Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me’ is out now on Beatport with remixes from Polymorphic, Disco of Doom & SCNDL…check it out

Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

CCM044 - Fukkk Offf - Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me
Coco Machete Records is thrilled to announce the debut album from Fukkk Offf. Titled “Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me”, the album drops worldwide June 9th on Vinyl, CD & Digital

Fukkk Offf aka Bastian Heerhorst has been renowned for some time in his hometown of Hamburg for storming live sets in the clubs scattered around the city’s red light district. ‘Die sundige Meile’ or ‘the sinful mile’ as it is known has seen its walls shaked and thighs quaked by the throbbing depths of Bastian’s big room Fukkk Offf sound.

After the first two hit singles ‘I’m A Freak’ and ‘Rave Is King’, of which the latter went to # 1 on the German Club Charts, Fukkk Offf delivers his debut full length album ‘Love Me, Hate Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.’ on June 9 2009 on Coco Machete Records

The Album which includes his previous singles delivers even more flavor from the hip-hose party rocking duet ‘More Than Friends’, featuring NYC rappers Razor Cain & Hazel, to the fashionista anthem ‘Famous’. By turns dark and menacing then veering towards moments of playful funk and kitsch, LMHMKMKM doesn’t let up on its grand tour of the discerning late night dance floor.

The first single and title track comes out May 26th with scorching remixes from recent Coco Machete signing Disco Of Doom & CCM mainstays SCNDL Incorporated & Polymorphic.

Check a specially crafted preview of the album below

It Came From The Blog – Coming April 7

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

BGCD001 - It Came From The Blog
According to, which is as much a source for culture references as Hype Machine is for music browsing, ‘Blog House’ can be defined as:

1. A genre of dance music, influenced by electro and French house music, made with a simple and lo-fi aesthetic sensibility by people all over the world. Hallmarks of the blog house sound include distorted melodies, 8-bit sounds, sliced-up vocals and pop structures. The democratization of music production and distribution technologies has made the creation and dissemination of blog house available to anyone with a computer and the desire to make dance music.

2. Dance music that proliferates through a blog.

The definition also adds, ‘Maybe the best thing about blog house is that it’s FREE. Fuck yeah!’

Coco Machete enlisted the strategic forces of Low Life Inc., the labels’ new promotion arm to get down in the trenches and find the most mind-melting, body-rattling, thumpers they could- with a dash of bearded-disco and dream-lectro to flesh it out.

‘It Came From The Blog’ is drenched in the terror electro of Fukkk Offf, Kill The Noise & Designer Drugs and the club wrecking din of Le Castle Vania, Cobra Krames and NROTB.

Something stirs in the night, in hazy dark rooms, abandoned warehouse raves and rooftop BBQs, it pounds your head in because…It Came From The Blog!

Check Out the Preview here mixed up by Low Life’s Carmine P Filthy

Ready For The Drama

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

From SCNDL Incorporated, the underground organization that brought you “That’s A Good Look”, we bring you a new scandal with “Drama”. Where “Good Look” was a funky, street corner get down, “Drama” takes you to the darker side, populating the back alleys of an urban electro nightmare. With a driving nasty bassline, hip hop drum sounds, nerve racking vocal snippets and Wu-Tang-esque melodies “Drama” delivers on it’s title. Two solid remixes from Coco Machete mainstays Fukkk Off & Dog Tags take things in opposing directions, electro to minimal/techno; this is a package not to sleep on. Get Ready For The Drama! Artwork by En Hong.

Rave Is Still King

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

CCM039 - Fukkk Offf "Rave Is King Remixes Pt. 2"
We’re back with a couple quick and sneaky mixes of “Rave Is King” for early 2009, we just didn’t think you had enough of this anthem last year. First up on the take is ATL’s blog wonderkid Le Castle Vania who keeps things pretty close to the original but just a little heavier and a lot more twisted vocoder effects on the vocals. On the flip we have Berlin’s Nhan & Taan with their “Electro Boogie Mix”. On first listen the N&T mix sounds like a banger of a downtempo head-nodder but if come up into some serious electro madness primes for the most discerning djs with a flair for the old school. Again we remind you, Rave Is Still King!

Rave Is King – #1 In Germany

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

With a welcome e.mail from Andres of Autodidakt we found out this week that the new remixes of Rave Is King by Fukkk Offf has hit #1 on the German Club Charts after just one week on the chart. Thanks Andres.

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 9th, 2009

CCM038 - Polymorphic "Technomusic"
It’s 2009 and we’re ready for big things at Coco Machete. First off the block we have a new artist straight from the cold streets of Moscow. Polymorphic came into the spotlight late last year with his devastating remix of Proxy’s “Raven” on Turbo. When he sent us “Technomusic” there was no looking back, this is some dark, heavy, late night sh**!!! For the B-side he delivered the Polymorphic Trash Mix which although hard to imagine is even dirtier, grimier and more aggressive with crazy cuts and in your face horror movie string sounds. Be afraid, be very afraid !

Also coming up for the new year we have a limited edition set of remixes of Fukkk Offf’s “Rave Is King” from Le Castle Vania & Berlin’s Nhan & Taan , a new release from SCNDL Incorporated called “Drama” with remixes from FUKKK OFFF & Dog Tags and “Take Me Upp” from Montreal’s NROTB with mixes from Designer Drugs & the Trouble & Bass crew’s Math Head.

Keep up if you can !

Rave Is King – The Remixes

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

CCM037 - Fukkk Offf "Rave Is King Remixes"
We’re back with a stonkin’ remix package of FUKKK OFFF’s summer hit “Rave Is King”. First up to bat is Zodiac Cartel and by every measure he hit it out the park. We’ve been follwoing Zodiac Cartel here for a minute here at Coco Machete; he’s a mystery producer from the UK who hasn’t even let us know his real identity, but it doesn’t really matter. When the heavy acid groove and old school rave stabs kick in it’s total mayhem. Skint’s Midfield General is up next with his bass heavy remix which is reminiscent of old Nitzer Ebb industrial grooves…time to Join In The Chant. Lastly we have Montreal’s NROTB giving us their pounding version. Be on the lookout for a single release from NROTB on Coco Machete early next year with remixes from Trouble & Bass’ Math Head and NYC’s Designer Drugs. Rave Is King, Long Live the King!

Coco Machete Pics – Paris – Mexico – NYC

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

So here’s a quick photo journal for you of the last three weeks of the Coco Machete gang running around the world. First up was Paris with the Spencer Product CD release party with Spencer DJing, FUKKK OFFF Live, Toxic Avenger and many more. Next up was two nights in Mexico City with FUKKK OFFF live and yours truly on the decks. Then we wound up back in NYC for a full week of our man Basti (FUKKK OFFF) playing live at Boys & Girls, Ruff Club & Cheeky Bastard…enjoy the pics.