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This Is Coco Machete No 1 – Out Now

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

CCM070 - This Is Coco Machete No 1

After nine years, and over 100 releases, New York City’s Coco Machete Records delivers its first eponymous collection with ‘This Is Coco Machete – No. 1’. Far from being a retrospective, ‘This Is Coco Machete’ places you smack in the middle of the label’s most recent, current and not yet released club bangers. The mix of eclectic vocals and sonic inspirations could have only originated in the streets of New York City though many of the featured artists and remixers hail from every corner of the globe; Fukkk Offf & Jence of Digitalism, Hamburg Germany; Oliver Twizt, The Netherlands; Zodiac Cartel & Disco of Doom, UK; Polymorphic & Noise Invaders, Moscow; Mikix the Cat, Paris; NROTB & Hatchmatik, Montreal and of course Spencer Product, Entyce & Debra Dolce from NYC. This is simply for people who want to SHAKE IT ALL NIGHT LONG; This IS bringing down the walls of YOUR musical ghetto; This is THAT BUG OUT SOUND, ready for the dance; This is the sound of New York City, THIS IS COCO MACHETE!

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Remix Your Face Showdown – Out Now

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

CCM071 - Remix Your Face Showdown

These are the three winners of the Coco Machete ‘Remix Your Face’ Showdown from late spring 2011. We offered up all the remix parts to three different classic Coco Machete releases setting them free for anyone to take a shot. There was one winner picked for each track based on quality and their own fan participation on Facebook…it can’t get any more real than that, these are the ones to watch.. Naeleck & Oddity are a production due based in both France and Japan. Sebastian Love hails from Italy and D’ Secret SVC, Coco Machete mainstay came in with a funk break remix of ‘In Da Club’ that is undeniable….Just keep on watchin!

Available at Beatport | iTunes | JunoDownload

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D’ Secret Svc – Alley Cat (Fukkk Offf Remixes) – Out Now

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

CCM068 - D' Secret SVC - Alley Cat - Fukkk Offf Remixes

The winning team that brought you ‘Tight Jeans’ is back and reworking ‘Alley Cat’ for a back alley beatdown. From Hamburg to New York the combination of D’ Secret SVC’s twisted vocal stylings and the floor destroying pulsation that is, Fukkk Offf, knows no bounds. The main remix takes Fukkk Offf into new territory with tropically syncopated rhythms pounding out the rat a tat as back up for the vibrant vocal gymnastics of both D’ Secret SVC & Duchess Monroe. The dub version takes you back to classic Fukkk Offf territory with reverb heavy basslines pushing behind the skip and bounce of the high hats and cowbells. There’s even a dog barking, no doubt in hot pursuit.

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Stereofunk Featuring D’ Secret SVC – Get Offf – Out Now

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

CCM067 - Stereofunk featuring D' Secret SVC - Get Off

Turn up the stereo and get ready for the funk. Dresden Germany’s Stereofunk has teamed up with New York’s D’ Secret SVC for an electro disco stomper that will definitely get you off. Driving beats and italo style basslines wrap around tight vocal chants from D Secret SVC that declare ‘you’ve got to move your body, the music says so, let’s go!’ There’s even car tire screeches and crash sounds, I don’t know what else you could ask for…Get Off !!!

Available at Beatport | iTunes | JunoDownload

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D’ Secret SVC – Alley Cat – Out Now

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

CCM065 - D' Secret SVC - Alley Cat

D’ Secret Svc is back with ‘Alley Cat’ a new joint from the darkest corners of New York City’s shadiest back streets. This time a female cat has entered the picture, in the form of Duchess Monroe, to counter the bravado that is the D’ Secret SVC dog. The Duchess delivers a vocal performance that could be one half Grace Jones and one half Nicki Minaj with her chants of ‘Suck you like I was a black fuckin’ Alley Cat’ but it’s the back and forth between the two vocalists where it all comes together. Berlin’s Lars Moston & Belgium’s Modek deliver mixes comprised of both Ghetto Thump & Acid Jack respectively. ‘Oh my God, it’s in my yard, don’t let my dog catch your cat’

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Tight Jeans Out On Vinyl Worldwide

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

CCM032 - D' Secret Svc "Tight Jeans"
Beginning today D’ Secret Svc “Tight Jeans” including Fukkk Offf and DJ Booman Remixes is available at fine record shops worldwide. We’ve included a few links to shops you might know already (Juno, Downtown 304, Dancerecords) or if you’re down with the digi (Beatport).

D' Secret Svc – Tight Jeans – Fukkk Offf and DJ Booman Remixes Available At Beatport

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

CCM032 - D' Secret Svc "Tight Jeans"
“I am” The epitome, “I am” the star hidden amongst stars, “I am” love supreme, the independent label’s dream, “I am” D’ Secret Svc. Coco Machete comes out guns blazing with the new single “Tight Jeans” from D’ Secret Svc, a modernist hip house beatdown. The remix package is more than complete for any heavy handed DJ and dancefloor. First up is a remix from Fukkk Offf who brought you “I’m A Freak” at the end of last year. This time he delivers two dangerous mixes, one full vocal and one deep electro-dub. Hit the flip for two ghetto heavy remixes (vox & Inst) from Baltimore’s own DJ Booman of the 410 Pharaohs who have a full length B-More Club album coming out this year on Ill Friction/Strictly Rhythm. The original mix, also on the flip is the perfect marriage of hip hop and house…check the vibe. Available exclusively at Beatport.

D' Secret Svc – Booman – Fukkk Offf – Free MP3

Monday, March 10th, 2008

CCM032 - D' Secret Svc "Tight Jeans"
Hey Hey, new release alert, coming soon….”Tight Jeans” by D’ Secret Svc gets ripped apart by Baltimore’s DJ Booman and Hamburg’s own Fukkk Offf

Free MP3 Download Here