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TAI – Power Chords – Out Now

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

CCM051 - TAI "Power Chords"
Check the original on Myspace and the other mixes from Zodiac Cartel, Disco Of Doom, Frederik Olufsen & Disco Trash Music are all up on Beatport now. Click HERE to purchase.

TAI – Power Chords – A Preview

Monday, March 15th, 2010

CCM051 - TAI "Power Chords"
Here’s a quick preview of the next Coco Machete release which comes out in February. This one comes fromo TAI of DIM & TAI (Boys Noize) fame. Below is a preview of the Zodiac Cartel remix who we’re thrilled to have back after he killed ‘Rave Is King’ for us before. Check the orignal on the Myspace and soon you’ll also hear the other mixes from Disco Of Doom, Frederik Olufsen & Disco Trash Music.

Remix Is King

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

CCM050 - Fukkk Offf "Remix Is King"
Keeping the momentum going after Fukkk Offf’s much lauded debut release ‘Love Me, Hate Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me’, we are pleased to bring you ‘Remix IS King’, a full length overview of the hottest Fukkk Offf remix projects. ‘Remix Is King’ brings you bangin’ Fukkk Offf remixes of other top artists like Zobmie Nation, The Dance Inc., Monosurround, & Midfield General and the hottest remixers like Zodiac Cartel, & Markus Lange putting their stamp across devastating Fukkk Offf Originals. There’s one new Fukkk Offf original as well, Utopia, riding in at the end of the release with a full disco beat down plus unreleased mixes from Gooseflesh, Dirty Disco Youth, La Clope AuBec & Frederic De Carvalho. Not to be missed…REMIX IS KING !!!

Coming out Worldwide in February

Check The Preview below

Rave Is King – The Remixes

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

CCM037 - Fukkk Offf "Rave Is King Remixes"
We’re back with a stonkin’ remix package of FUKKK OFFF’s summer hit “Rave Is King”. First up to bat is Zodiac Cartel and by every measure he hit it out the park. We’ve been follwoing Zodiac Cartel here for a minute here at Coco Machete; he’s a mystery producer from the UK who hasn’t even let us know his real identity, but it doesn’t really matter. When the heavy acid groove and old school rave stabs kick in it’s total mayhem. Skint’s Midfield General is up next with his bass heavy remix which is reminiscent of old Nitzer Ebb industrial grooves…time to Join In The Chant. Lastly we have Montreal’s NROTB giving us their pounding version. Be on the lookout for a single release from NROTB on Coco Machete early next year with remixes from Trouble & Bass’ Math Head and NYC’s Designer Drugs. Rave Is King, Long Live the King!