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Spencer Product – We Bite!

Monday, April 20th, 2009

CCM042 - Spencer Product "We Bite!"
Spencer Product is back after his debut mix CD ‘Product’. This time he delivers a party anthem ‘We Bite’ with razor sharp remixes from London’s Tronik Youth and NYC darlings Designer Drugs. ‘We Bite’, named after one of Spencer’s classic lower east side sleezefests is an ode to honest to goodness late night debauchery. It’s all about downtown basements, PBR, dirty sex, cocaine and vomit…what more do you need. Spencer’s original is an overdriven distorted electro rock affair while Designer Drugs clean it up a bit for the late night electro beatdowns. Tronik Youth keep things very 80’s new wave disco with heavy reverbs on the drums, cheap synths and vocoders all the way…If you can’t get a trip in to New York this year just close your eyes and this record will take you there. Out Now On

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