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This Is Coco Machete No 2 – Out Now

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

This Is Coco Machete No 2

We’re back with another round; ‘This is Coco Machete No.2’, featuring recent Coco Machete smashes and exclusive tracks from hot new artists you have to hear. Debra Dolce & Noize Invaders, Ostblockschlampen, Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf keep pounding with their bombastic style and fashion. Then six exclusive tracks featuring the Chicago influenced sound of Teenage Mutants, the ruffneck attack of All Guns Blazing, deep-deep elctro from Don Serata, Nadisko’s dept-charge ‘Abyss’, the space disco of ‘Starlab’ from Fair Play Knight and so Da-Da dance grooves from Spencer Product on Marcel Duchamp. An eclectic mix that can only come from one source, of course, This is Coco Machete…No.2

Available at Beatport | iTunes | JunoDownload

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Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf – Nuclear War Disaster EP – Out Now

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf - Nuclear War Disaster EP

Fukkk Offf’s Bastian Heerhorst and Dirty Disco Youth’s Phil Speiser team up to drop a bomb on Coco Machete Records and the world at large. With two equally devastating tracks the ‘Nuclear War Disaster’ EP delivers on its promise of total devastation. Both tracks attack, drive, squelch and pound in ways only these two artists can only to be released by an overture worthy enough to ride with the Valkyries. I think it’s time to head to the shelter!

Available at Beatport

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Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf – Nuclear War Music Video

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf Nuclear War Disaster – Presale

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Dirty Disco Youth & Fukkk Offf - Nuclear War Disaster EP

We wanted to offer something special to our Coco Machete subscribers so we decided to to a pre-sale on our next single, the Nuclear War Disaster EP from Dirty Disco Youth & FUKKK OFFF. You may have been hearing this around a bit since New Years and it’s a MONSTER!!!

PRE-SALE DISCOUNT – $3.00 for the EP at 320kbps direct from Coco Machete

(not available on Beatport for 3 more weeks, iTunes in 5)

This Is Coco Machete No 1 – Out Now

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

CCM070 - This Is Coco Machete No 1

After nine years, and over 100 releases, New York City’s Coco Machete Records delivers its first eponymous collection with ‘This Is Coco Machete – No. 1’. Far from being a retrospective, ‘This Is Coco Machete’ places you smack in the middle of the label’s most recent, current and not yet released club bangers. The mix of eclectic vocals and sonic inspirations could have only originated in the streets of New York City though many of the featured artists and remixers hail from every corner of the globe; Fukkk Offf & Jence of Digitalism, Hamburg Germany; Oliver Twizt, The Netherlands; Zodiac Cartel & Disco of Doom, UK; Polymorphic & Noise Invaders, Moscow; Mikix the Cat, Paris; NROTB & Hatchmatik, Montreal and of course Spencer Product, Entyce & Debra Dolce from NYC. This is simply for people who want to SHAKE IT ALL NIGHT LONG; This IS bringing down the walls of YOUR musical ghetto; This is THAT BUG OUT SOUND, ready for the dance; This is the sound of New York City, THIS IS COCO MACHETE!

Available at Beatport | iTunes | JunoDownload

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D’ Secret Svc – Alley Cat (Fukkk Offf Remixes) – Out Now

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

CCM068 - D' Secret SVC - Alley Cat - Fukkk Offf Remixes

The winning team that brought you ‘Tight Jeans’ is back and reworking ‘Alley Cat’ for a back alley beatdown. From Hamburg to New York the combination of D’ Secret SVC’s twisted vocal stylings and the floor destroying pulsation that is, Fukkk Offf, knows no bounds. The main remix takes Fukkk Offf into new territory with tropically syncopated rhythms pounding out the rat a tat as back up for the vibrant vocal gymnastics of both D’ Secret SVC & Duchess Monroe. The dub version takes you back to classic Fukkk Offf territory with reverb heavy basslines pushing behind the skip and bounce of the high hats and cowbells. There’s even a dog barking, no doubt in hot pursuit.

Available at Beatport | iTunes | JunoDownload

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Fukkk Offf – Brain Rock Parts 1 & 2 – Out Now

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

CCM062 - Fukkk Offf - Brain Rock Remixes Part 1

Late fall of 2010 we were graced with the Worldwide EP featuring four brand new Joints from our man in Hamburg, Fukkk Offf. ‘Brain Rock’ brought the fire as the standout track of the EP so we’ve spent the last few months putting together this undeniable remix package, in two parts, for your listening, dancing and Brain Rocking pleasure. Zodiac Cartel is back, his remix of ‘Rave Is King’ devastated the clubs for months, and his take on Brain Rock is just as crazy. As he said in his own words ‘Working on a new remix for Fukkk Offf…KEEPING IT WRONG!’. Brooklynite Indie darlings Body Language come in with an acid groover that works equally as well in the warehouses of Williamsburg as it does in the danceclubs downtown. TWR72 and Dinamics Rock the Brain a bit more on the techno side while Italy’s Cyberpunkers and Yacek keep it peak time RAVE! This beat gonna mess you up !!!

Brain Rock Part 1 – Available at Beatport | iTunes | Juno Download

Brain Rock Part 2 – Available at Beatport | iTunes | Juno Download

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Fukkk Offf – Live In The Mix

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Fukkk Offf

Fukkk Offf’s Brain Rock Remixes is out now exclusively on Beatport and to kick things off we’ve brought you a full length live mix right here. Feel free to stream it from the player or download the mix here…but watch out because it’s HOT!

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Fukkk Offf at Santos Party House

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

New York City ‘Just Like I Pictured It’ – Thursday 2/24/2011

Fukkk Offf in NYC February 24th

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Fukkk Offf at Sandos Party House Feb 24

Just a quick note to let you know about a gig next week in NYC, would love to see some faces in the club. Fukkk Offf will be playing this Thursday at Santos Party house at 96 Lafayette Street just below Canal.

$5 with an RSVP | More details here

Fukkk Offf – Worldwide Remix Edition – Out Now

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

CCM058 - Fukkk Offf "Worldwide Remix Edition"

From the ghetto, to the city, and the suburbs, from DC to, LA back to, New York City, all my people put your hands up if you feel right! Fukkk Offf and his motley gang of remixers are taking you ‘Worldwide’ one more time with the ‘Remix Edition’. Fukkk Offf takes the first turn upping the tempo from its original slow electro disco groove into a dubbed out late night banger for the clubs. Dirty Disco Youth takes it late night with some old school rave pianos and heavy heavy warehouse styled reverb. Then lastly Fukkk Offf let’s some light shine on an up and coming producer from Hamburg, So Called Friend, who drops a jack track full off quirky melodies quick flips. Put Your Hands UP!!!

Available at Beatport | JunoDownload | iTunes

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Out Now – Fukkk Offf – Worldwide EP

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

CCM056 - Fukkk Offf - Worldwide EP

After a long wait we are finally back with a new EP from Fukkk Offf, and it’s well worth the wait. With four smokin’ new tracks this is bound to be the freshest soundtrack to Hamburg’s red light district the Reeperbahn. Things kick off with ‘BumBumBum’, a classic Fukkk Offf stormer, with a new twist of samba-esque percussion driving the electro sounds home. ‘BumBumBum’ has been a live set staple for some time now making the crowds at every Fukkk Offf show worldwide go wild. Brain Rock takes things to the street with old school hip hop samples and funky drum breaks over driving italo-acid basslines. ‘Brain Rock’ will, without a doubt, get any party, from Harlem to Hamburg and beyond, jumped up in to high gear. ‘Hey!’ keeps things simple and straight forward for just that moment when you need a banger to keep the energy up and driving. And lastly, ‘Worldwide’. Fukkk Offf again teamed up with Hazel for a full on Hip-Hop electro workout. Be on the lookout for a full remix package of ‘Worldwide’ in early 2011.

Available at Beatport | iTunes | JunoDownload

Fukkk Offf Goes Worldwide on October 12

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

CCM056 - Fukkk Offf - Worldwide EP

We finally have the new EP from Fukkk Offf in our hands and it will be out next month on October 12. It’s been a long wait but definitely worth it so we’re bringing you a preview here of the full EP so you can soak it up in it’s entirety. ENJOY !!!

Love My Shake – Cancel Fashion Collective

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

The Cancel Fashion Collective recently used ‘Love My Shake’ from Fukkk Offf for a new promo video they’ve done and, surprise surprise, it turned out to be quite stylish. Enjoy it…

Cancel fashion collective from the Kinetic on Vimeo.

Entyce – In Da Club – Fukkk Offf Mixes

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

CCM052 - Entyce "In Da Club - Fukkk Offf Remixes"

Hazel, the feisty female rapper from Fukkk Offf’s more than friends, is back with ‘In Da Club’ under the shimmering guise of Entyce to make your ‘body move to the bass and the beat.’ This time out it’s a straight non stop electro-disco workout courtesy of Coco Machete’s own Fukkk Offf on the remix. Driving directly at summer classic status this release is a nice twist and turn away from the darker sounds of winter. And DJs listen up when she says ‘Call Hazel if you need some help’

Check the preview here…