Big Nuts & Big Knives – Coming Soon

CCM060 - Big Nuts & Big Knives

Artist: Various Artists
Release Title: Big Nuts & Big Knives
Genre: House: Electro House
Release Date: February 22, 2011
UPC: 654367593066

1. Cowboy Johnny Christ – Let’s Do It Again (Original Mix)
2. Third Stone Sound – Rebel Music (Brennan’s Tart Reproduction)
3. D’Boldiss – Freak Huh (The Glass Dub)
4. KC Flightt – She’s Sexxxy (Original Mix)
5. DJ Don Casino Presents Razor Caine – Livin’ My Life (Club Mix)
6. DJ Don Casino Presents Hazel – Eye Kandy (Hip Hop Mix)
7. Cowboy Johnny Christ – If He’s So Special (So Special Dub)
8. Land Shark – Tie Me Up (Chicken Lips Trax Dub – Shark Edit)
9. Scandal Inc – That’s A Good Look (Original Mix)
10. Little Death – We Are Back (Vox)
11. Dog Tags – On Again (Rocker Edit)
12. El Mar – Suck That (Original Mix)

Coco Machete – Big Nuts & Big Knives. A collection of some of our favorite cuts from Coco Machete Records’ first 5 years, 2002-2007, Remastered. The sound of Coco Machete has always defied typical genre classifications in favor of bring something fresh and unique to the danceloor; There has to be a hook, a hell of a lot of bounce and a heavy dose of the street. The Coco Machete sound has always been influenced by Disco (Let’s Do It Again), Acid House (Rebel Music, Tie Me Up), Hip Hop (Livin’ My Life, Eye Kandy), Electro Funk (That’s A Good Look), and Post-Punk (We Are Back, On Again). As we move into our 10th year as a label we wanted to bring these tracks to light one more time in their remastered form in order to explore the foundations upon which we have built this house. It’s time to ‘Bring Down The Walls’

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