D’ Secret Svc – Alley Cat (Fukkk Offf Remixes)

CCM068 - D' Secret SVC - Alley Cat - Fukkk Offf Remixes

Artist: D’ Secret SVC
Release Title: Alley Cat (Fukkk Offf Remixes)
Genre: House: Electro House, Indie Dance
Release Date: September 2011
UPC: 654367593219

1. Fukkk Offf Remix
2. Fukkk Offf Dub
3. Fukkk Offf Instrumental

The winning team that brought you ‘Tight Jeans’ is back and reworking ‘Alley Cat’ for a back alley beatdown. From Hamburg to New York the combination of D’ Secret SVC’s twisted vocal stylings and the floor destroying pulsation that is, Fukkk Offf, knows no bounds. The main remix takes Fukkk Offf into new territory with tropically syncopated rhythms pounding out the rat a tat as back up for the vibrant vocal gymnastics of both D’ Secret SVC & Duchess Monroe. The dub version takes you back to classic Fukkk Offf territory with reverb heavy basslines pushing behind the skip and bounce of the high hats and cowbells. There’s even a dog barking, no doubt in hot pursuit.

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